WPComplex is a fast and reliable WordPress hosting service that is scalable as the user’s needs grow. Our latest, and exclusive, technologies ensure maximum speed, performance and functionality. WPComplex provides its users with a powerful hosting platform optimized for operation with WordPress. Recent software versions, together with server caching, will ensure high response speed and efficiency in the operation of your websites, while our qualified team of experts will take care of all the technical support for your hosting servers.

What makes our Wordpress managed hosting is Best?

WordPress Core Auto-Update

You will always use only the most current WordPress version. WPComplex will automatically update all necessary core files, and perform preliminary backup of the database and core files for your website.

Fast Server-Side Caching

Caching at the web server level will allow you to abandon the use of cumbersome plugins and increase your website performance. Now you can manage your cache settings directly from the administration panel.

Wordpress Themes

You have the choice to install many exclusive premium WordPress themes for FREE!

Automated Daily Backups

Data security is one of WPComplex;s priorities. All our rates include automatic daily backup of each website. From now on you are free to spend more time creating unique content and stop worrying about its safety.

Free SSL Certificates

It’s even easier to keep users secure on your website. Installing the Let’s Encrypt free certificate will only take a few seconds, and it will make your website more attractive to search engines.

Wordpress Plugins

You will be able to choose and install a large number of premium WP plugins for FREE!

WP Automatic Installation

WordPress’ renowned fast installation has become even easier. It does not matter whether you are an experienced user or a newbie — WPComplex allows you to install and configure WP in just one click.

Content Delivery Network

Using CDN will reduce the load on the principal server, and speed up the process of delivering static content to the end user as well. WPComplex experts will help you connect your website to the CDN as needed.

Optimized Software

All software we install on our machines is optimized for speed. We use ONLY SSD disks.

what are the benefits of a managed server?


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Optimizing servers for WordPress

Following the results of multiple testing, we have selected for you the best tech stack used on each server provided by our company. Together with the latest software versions, the WPComplex offers the most comfortable environment to run WordPress managed websites. Furthermore, special attention is required to configure the database that is performed individually for each hosting plan.

Built-in caching system

One cannot achieve efficient operation of WordPress-based websites by optimizing the software settings alone. The abundance of various plugins and cumbersome themes creates a high load on the server’s central processing unit, as well as on the database, which significantly reduces the website’s response time to user actions. The second stage of the website optimization is the use of caching. All servers provided by our company are configured to use caching at the web server level by default.

Premium plugins and themes directory

We offer you an extensive catalog with the most current plugins and themes tested for operation with WPComplex hosting. Feel free to use this directory when creating your websites and enjoy unique designs, the highest possible speed and security assurance. All themes and plugins included in the catalog have been tested for compatibility with the latest versions of server software and compatibility with the latest WP version.