1. Generalities

1.1 Services offered on this website by WPComplex trademark representatives, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, are hereinafter referred to as the Services.

1.2 Individuals and legal entities the above services are provided to are hereinafter referred to as the Customers.

1.3 This Agreement is a public offer by its nature, that is, it is the equivalent of an ‘oral agreement’ and has due legal force in accordance with the current legislation of Canada.

1.4 By registering in the Personal Account (refer to clause 3.1), the Customer confirms that he/she has read and agreed in full with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1 Under this Agreement, the Customer shall order and the Contractor shall provide the Customer with the web hosting / dedicated server / virtual server for lease.

2.2 The Customer shall accept and pay for the services provided by the Contractor in the manner and on the terms set forth in this Agreement at the rates applicable at the time of payment specified in the Personal Account.

3. Provision and payment of services procedure

3.1 Ordering and registration of a Customer through his/her Personal Account of the Company (automatic billing system available at https://panel.wpcomplex.com/clientarea.php)

3.2 During the registration process, the Customer shall provide his/her reliable data by filling in all the required fields.

3.3 Services are paid by the Customer via Personal Account independently, except for manual payment.

3.4 All services are provided under 100 percent prepayment. No free trial period is provided.

3.5 For manual payment, the Customer has to contact the Customer Service Department and agree on payment procedure.

3.6 If there is no payment for the next period, the web hosting / virtual server / dedicated server will be blocked in 2 days after the end of its lease term.

3.7 After blocking, the virtual server image and data on the dedicated server disks will be stored for 3 days. At the end of this period, the data will be destroyed.

3.8 Payment terms after blocking start from the day of blocking, not from the day of new payment.

3.9 The refund will be refused if the termination of service is caused by the Customer’s violation of the rules set forth in this offer.

3.10 The Contractor is not liable for the content of the information posted by the Customer on the Internet through the services provided by the Contractor.

3.11 The Contractor is not liable for the quality of public communication channels not controlled by the Contractor and through which the access to the Services is carried out.

4. Administration and technical support

4.1 Upon receipt of payment from the Customer to the account of the Contractor, the Contractor shall provide a web hosting / dedicated server / virtual server optimized to run based websites. Each server is provided by limited free technical support. The following are the types of work included in the list of limited free support:

4.1.1 Transfer of the Customer’s websites from another hosting and their integration into the WPComplex system, if it does not require software modification of installed plugins or themes.

4.1.2 Changing the php version installed on the server to ensure the operation of previous websites

4.1.3 Changing the default settings of the MySQL database to ensure greater performance of the website

4.1.4 Modification of the Web-server settings to ensure greater performance of the website

4.1.5 Diagnostics and troubleshooting of the website, if the time spent on the diagnostics and elimination does not exceed one hour for one website in a single case

4.2 By default, root access to the server is not provided, since all website management takes place through the Contractor’s administrative panel, as well as through the control panel. You can request root access through support.

4.3 Should the Customer change the settings of the server or other software, including changes in the Customer’s software, by means of root access to the server, the Contractor disclaims all warranties regarding the services provided.

4.4 Technical works not included in the list of limited technical support shall be carried out at a rate of $15 per hour, the time required for the work is estimated by a support representative.

5. Blocking of web hosting / dedicated server / virtual server.

5.1 The Contractor reserves the right to disable (until the circumstances are clarified or the reason for blocking is eliminated) the Customer’s server in case of violation of the following rules:

5.1.1 The debt on payment of services exceeds 2 days.

5.1.2 Spam in any its manifestations.

5.1.3 Entering the IP address of the server in the black-list.

5.1.4 Participation in outgoing DoS/DDoS attacks.

5.1.5 Placement of open proxy, open VPN and other public services.

5.1.6 Distribution of viruses or malicious code.

5.1.7 Phishing.

5.1.8 Intentional actions of the Customer that interfere with the regular functioning of other servers and network nodes, the work of other customers.

5.1.9 It is forbidden to place resources with high traffic consumption on virtual servers.

5.1.10 Intensive incoming DDoS attack on the Customer’s server, which interferes with the regular network operation.

5.1.11 Use of the Contractor’s services for any illegal purposes.

5.1.12 Incorrect communication with the Contractor’s employees, including rudeness, use of obscene words and threats.

5.1.13 Complaints about content from copywriting and other organizations.

5.1.14 Illegal material means copyrighted works, commercial audio, video, photo or music files, counterfeit products and any materials that violate legal norms. We reserve the right to cancel your account without notice and without refund if we find that you are violating this rule.

5.2 In case of using the server solely for the illegal purposes listed above, the service will be canceled and the payment for the unused period will not be refunded.

6. Term and conditions of the Agreement’s termination.

6.1 The Agreement shall enter into force upon registration of the Customer in his/her Personal Account.

6.2 Termination of the Agreement shall be deemed to be the termination of the use of services by the Customer provided by the Contractor or failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement by either Party